Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie (stud, fucks) .

fucks first (Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie)!
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

With a tan lean coed between them, and 2 lean strong jocks across, the attraction is too high to turn anything down!

Taft, Ellis, and Jamie can’t get their clothes off (and mouths on each other) fast enough! Soon, Jamie is on her knees with both her holes being jammed into by the hot guys’ big dicks! Ellis takes her pussy first while Taft takes her mouth, then Ellis moves his mouth down to stimulate Jamie and suck off Taft while he has a go at her.

Taft slips into his alpha role easily, pushing down the coed’s mouth while he switches from ramming her to slamming Ellis! Ellis rides Taft, but when he wants to pick up the tempo Taft flips Ellis over, holds his legs in the air and pounds a huge load out of him- seconds before he rains his own jizz over Ellis’s ripped abs!

Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie (stud, fucks, first)
first fucks stud - (Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie) Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie - fucks, stud, first

fucks first stud - (Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie)

fucks first stud - (Taft Fucks Ellis & Jamie)




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